Type of Hero: Nature Mystic


Rarity: Uncommon
  • attack95
  • defense75
  • hp90
  • speed95
  • crit75

If it’s possible to have a good reason for being bad, Baba has it. Growing up on the East Side of Egrium isn’t easy for anyone, but Baba’s parents always believed in a better future. While their friends and family join the protests and the rebellions against the royalty of the West Side, they went to work and took care of their family. They paid their taxes without complaint. They even sent their rulers, Bastet’s parents, a message of goodwill during the holidays, letting them know that not all of East Egrium hates their rule. Then one fateful day, West Egrium’s police mistook both of Baba’s parents for criminals, and destroyed them both…right in front of a teenage Baba. Was there any justice? Of course not. There is no justice against the powerful in Egrium. From that day forward, Baba has been leading the rebellion against the palace. He has become one of the most fearsome and powerful fighters in Crypta, famous for his absolutely unrestrained relentlessness. Often, several people have to pull him off his opponent…only to find a small crater where his opponent used to be. And when the Centralized come, they become West Egrium’s worst nightmare. Which is why Baba joins Iratus the moment his forces arrive, hoping to destroy West Egrium once and for all.


  • Skin for normal
  • Skin for early sale
    Early sale
  • Skin for christmas

Moves Learnt by Leveling

These are the moves that Baba learns as they level up and get stronger!

  • Nature's Fury

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero gathers all their rage and attacks your opponent's Hero causing damage. There is a 30% chance that this move will do double damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 32
    • RarityRare
    • Power50
    • Stamina5
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown5
    • TypeNature
  • Heal Block

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero creates an effective block on heal moves. Your opponent's Hero can't use any heal moves for the next 20 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 37
    • RarityUncommon
    • Power0
    • Stamina2
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown30
    • TypeMystic
  • Iron Punch

    Accuracy: 70. Your Hero creates an iron fist and punches your opponent's Hero causing damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 43
    • RarityRare
    • Power70
    • Stamina4
    • Accuracy70
    • Cooldown4
    • TypeMech
  • Boulder Heave

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero uses all it's strength to throw a massive boulder at your opponent's Hero causing damage. This decreases your Hero's attack by 15% for 10 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 49
    • RarityEpic
    • Power80
    • Stamina5
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown8
    • TypeStone
  • Telepathy

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero uses their telepathy to attack your opponent's Hero. This move has a 30% chance not to consume stamina.

    • Learned AtLevel 60
    • RarityEpic
    • Power85
    • Stamina6
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown6
    • TypeMystic