Type of Hero: Stone Wither


Rarity: Common
  • attack90
  • defense70
  • hp95
  • speed90
  • crit70

If you plucked a random citizen of Deskarus and placed them in any other region of Crypta, they'd be one of the most fearsome beings around. Deskarus is a breeding ground for the toughest, most fearsome on the planet, and that includes both the good guys and the bad guys. So when we say Daer is a notorious figure in Deskarus, he's not just a regional bad guy. He's a world-famous purveyor of horror, a death merchant the likes of which would make Satan himself blush. But you could say that Daer didn't have a choice. Like so many monsters before him, he's the result of constant bullying. And at Deskarus, the most brutal bullying imaginable doesn't come to close to what Daer went through. His cuteness offered him no sympathy in a place like this, and he came out the other side like a demon with all of the fires of Hell inside him. When the Centrized arrived, Daer approached Iratus with an offer: 'I'll join you if you stay out of my way.' Iratus agreed – not that he had a choice.


  • Skin for normal

Moves Learnt by Leveling

These are the moves that Daer learns as they level up and get stronger!

  • Crystal Crash

    Accuracy: 90. Massive crystals are shot at your opponent's Hero casusing damage. If this move is used back to back, the second time its used will deal double the damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 34
    • RarityRare
    • Power45
    • Stamina4
    • Accuracy90
    • Cooldown10
    • TypeStone
  • Desperate Lunge

    Accuracy: 90. Your Hero lunges at your opponent's Hero in a desperate attempt to damage your opponent's Hero. Once your Hero falls below 50% health this move does 30% more damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 39
    • RarityUncommon
    • Power60
    • Stamina4
    • Accuracy90
    • Cooldown6
    • TypeWither
  • Horrible Image

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero sets a horrible image into your opponent's Hero's head causing your opponent's Hero's attack and defense to decrease by 15% for 20 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 45
    • RarityCommon
    • Power0
    • Stamina2
    • Accuracy80
    • Cooldown25
    • TypeWither
  • Mud Throw

    Accuracy: 50. Your Hero throws mud at your opponent's Hero disorienting them and lowering your opponent's Heros accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 49
    • RarityUncommon
    • Power65
    • Stamina2
    • Accuracy50
    • Cooldown8
    • TypeStone
  • Wither Slash

    Accuracy: 75. Your Hero slashes your opponent's Hero with a deathly touch causing damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 54
    • RarityEpic
    • Power95
    • Stamina5
    • Accuracy75
    • Cooldown5
    • TypeWither
  • Stone Crash

    Accuracy: 80. Stones are shot at your opponent's Hero causing damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 58
    • RarityRare
    • Power70
    • Stamina3
    • Accuracy80
    • Cooldown3
    • TypeStone