Type of Hero: Thunder Mystic


Rarity: Legendary
  • attack90
  • defense120
  • hp140
  • speed70
  • crit80

Born from an egg made of pure Crypto, Drogon was able to fly the moment its eyes opened. And as the brightest and most naturally nimble of its nest, he led their flock on their first hunt, and was a natural leader from there. Dragons and Dwarves have always had a close relationship on Crypta, as the two share the region of Loclord in harmony. But no bond was ever as close as the one between Drogon and Ragnorak, who grew up together, partnering in skirmishes from a very young age. But once the two became adults, their partnership became that of knight and steed, taking routine trips to Node Cotus together to compete in tournaments separately. The standout? Always Drogon. Whether barely hatched from the egg, a hyper-focused teenager, or a massively powerful adult that roars with the depths of every Crypto mine in Loclord, Drogon is the ultimate partner. Need to get somewhere? Need a hand in combat? Need an evil dragon taken out of the sky with one blast of Crypto Fire? There's only one teammate that does it all better than anyone else. So it just makes sense that when the battle horns sounded and the best of the best were called upon, Ragnorak would recommend Drogon as Amanzi's partner. They both accepted, forming a partnership of the most tremendous force for good the world of Crypta has ever known.


  • Skin for normal

Moves Learnt by Leveling

These are the moves that Drogon learns as they level up and get stronger!

  • Meditate

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero takes a moment to relax and heal 25% of their max HP.

    • Learned AtLevel 31
    • RarityEpic
    • Power0
    • Stamina3
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown60
    • TypeMystic
  • Thunder Strike

    Accuracy: 100. A strike of thunder suddenly is shot at the opponent's Hero causing damage. There is a 30% chance that this move will make your opponent's Heroes unable to use any moves for 4 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 36
    • RarityRare
    • Power65
    • Stamina4
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown8
    • TypeThunder
  • Overload

    Accuracy: 85. The amount of electricity starts to build inside your Hero causing an overload. The excess electricity is shot towards your opponent's Hero, but your Hero's attack is lowered by 15% for 8 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 40
    • RarityEpic
    • Power95
    • Stamina6
    • Accuracy85
    • Cooldown6
    • TypeThunder
  • Telepathy

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero uses their telepathy to attack your opponent's Hero. This move has a 30% chance not to consume stamina.

    • Learned AtLevel 46
    • RarityEpic
    • Power85
    • Stamina6
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown6
    • TypeMystic
  • Steel Body

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero forms a steel body around themselves. This causes your opponent's Hero to hurt themself by 50% of the damage their next move does.

    • Learned AtLevel 50
    • RarityCommon
    • Power0
    • Stamina2
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown12
    • TypeMech
  • Mystical Flood

    Accuracy: 90. Your Hero floods your opponent's Hero with a mystic substance causing damage to your opponent's Hero.

    • Learned AtLevel 56
    • RarityRare
    • Power75
    • Stamina5
    • Accuracy90
    • Cooldown5
    • TypeMystic
  • Thunderclap

    Accuracy: 80. A deafening thunderclap ensues, surprising your opponent's Hero and causing damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 60
    • RarityLegendary
    • Power120
    • Stamina7
    • Accuracy80
    • Cooldown7
    • TypeThunder