Type of Hero: Mystic


Rarity: Epic
  • attack75
  • defense60
  • hp50
  • speed70
  • crit65

It's one thing to look at the Centralized and see pure evil, but they were born into it. Their society breeds warriors who don't stop fighting until they're dead. They're crypto pirates who destroy whole planets with total apathy. These are disloyal comrades who stab each other in the back just to sit in the front seat. But Spectra's evil is something truly special. Many say hatred was growing in her heart while she was still in her incubation pod. How else would you explain her viciousness the moment she was born? But Spectra quickly calmed down, learning that when you're cunning, you end up getting more out of others. She developed charm and humor, and got her far on her own from a young age, even going so far as to con her way into the dojos of her planet's most respected fighters. When Spectra reached adulthood, she learned the power of flirtation, leaving the weak in her wake and facing the strong head on. Think those nails are glamorous? So have many. But just wait until she strikes. In combination with other-worldly martial arts, those razor-sharp talons have destroyed enemies and traumatized witnesses. Then the Centralized came. They took her planets crypto, destroyed her home, tormented everyone she's ever come across. Her reaction? To thank them. They were impressed. They asked her to join. Crypta, meet one of the universe's most horrific monsters: the beautiful Spectra.


  • Skin for normal
  • Skin for pre sale
    Pre sale

Moves Learnt by Leveling

These are the moves that Spectra learns as they level up and get stronger!

  • Magical Touch

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero magically touches your opponent's Hero causing damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 1
    • RarityCommon
    • Power30
    • Stamina2
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown2
    • TypeMystic
  • Clear Mind

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero clears their mind and focuses on their attack. This increases your Hero's attack by 30% for 30 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 2
    • RarityCommon
    • Power0
    • Stamina2
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown30
    • TypeMystic
  • Concentration

    Accuracy: 100. Your Hero concentraces on their attack and causes damage to their opponent's Hero. There is a 25% chance to increase your Hero's attack by 30% for 15 seconds.

    • Learned AtLevel 5
    • RarityCommon
    • Power40
    • Stamina3
    • Accuracy100
    • Cooldown5
    • TypeMystic
  • Psychic Punch

    Accuracy: 95. Your Hero powerfully punches your opponent's Hero causing damage.

    • Learned AtLevel 9
    • RarityCommon
    • Power50
    • Stamina4
    • Accuracy95
    • Cooldown10
    • TypeMystic